i was there the universe story - Author Michael Casey
Author Michael Casey

New visually rich children’s book traces our origins to the Big Bang.

A new children’s book aims to tackle the vast and complex subject of the origin of human kind and the earth. It does this through poetic prose and rich illustration. Titled ‘I Was There – The Universe Story for children 8 – 80’ it aims to make the reader more aware of our connection to Planet Earth and the need to renew it rather than destroy it.
While this book focuses on the highly complex subject of cosmology it does it in a visually rich, fun and engaging way. It focuses on the story of humanity which is based on the scientific story of the origins and evolution of the Universe. This story would give a deeper sense of meaning to people’s lives and therefore more of a connectedness with each other. This also allows it to go further by encouraging the reader to ask and answer the question ‘What’s the meaning of my life?’ and ‘Where did I come from?’

The book is written by three time author, community worker and former priest Michael Casey. He was inspired by the work of Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme, and in particular by their book ‘The Universe Story’­­.  It is also based on Michael’s 20 years of research, reading and writing on subjects as diverse as cosmology, horticulture, philosophy, sociology, education, the meaning of life and origins of religions.
Speaking about the book Michael said “The New Universe story, as it is often called, can be a powerful global unity story for today’s divided world. Since it predates humans, civilisation, nationalities and religions, it can be a great foundational and healing story for our time.  With this book I invite all children from 8 to 80 or more, to explore their full story, to embark on a cosmic voyage of discovery and delight back to their origins 14 billion years ago.”